Embedding effective crisis management in an organisation takes experience and perseverance. Over the course of ten years we have honed our experience across local authority, events and emergency services incidents and the associated lessons identified. This experience has helped us to develop a suite of templates and resources to help us to effectively deliver the checklists and tools that can support your Executives in managing and recovering from a crisis. This enables us to use valuable planning time with you to customise and detail the nuances of your organisation into plans and procedures and to focus upon experiential training and exercises which build the confidence and competence of your teams.

We align to Business Continuity Institute and Chartered Management Institute guidelines and invest time in quality assuring and bench marking our offering, including alignment to standards such as the Management Consultancy Services Standard (BSI EN 16114). We also subscribe to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Service in order that we can stay at the forefront of thought leadership and good practice in our training delivery.

During each phase of the consultancy project (the Offering, Execution and Closure) we ensure strong communication lines and transparency of effort on site and via project tools and the good old telephone.

We have developed a suite of current, relevant and high quality resources that are based upon good practice. This bank of experience and resource helps us to devote the majority of time on a project toward understanding and delivering against your requirements. Contact us to find out more and to receive some introductory materials and examples.