Client Challenge: To provide an engaging annual resilience exercise series for a corporation with a presence across East London and Essex and variety of office spaces and client locations. Delivery was to be centred upon validation of disaster recovery arrangements at a fall back site. Each exercise should involve over 25 key managers and staff and has to involve testing of individual processes as well as collective tactical crisis management.

RWCSL Solution: RWCSL’s aim was to provide challenging scenarios and a coordinated programme that would stimulate the ongoing resilience activity within the business. Crisis plans, departmental arrangements and disaster recovery requirements never stand still which led us toward providing ad-hoc consultancy during the course of each year to ensure that arrangements were up to date and well known to participants. The Exercise methodology adheres to our usual high standards which align to good practice and CPD guidelines and had to evolve to meet the challenges on the Client’s horizon; scenarios have focused upon critical consequences that would disrupt the organisation: loss of building, loss of staff (due to transport disruption anticipated for London 2012), loss of IT and loss of key suppliers.
Exercise sessions have been enriched by including time lapse scenarios that stress test arrangements from several hours through to several weeks after an incident, interaction with partner agencies via tele-conference call, media interviews, exercise website, radio communication between disaster recovery locations.
Results: There has been a significant improvement in organisational response to incidents including utilities failure at the HQ building, unexpected demand for home working/alternate site arrangements and emergencies affecting customers. Managers’ feedback has been positive with their role and responsibilities better understood through experiential exercises and tests.

“RWCSL has worked with us since 2011 and has delivered a programme of disaster recovery and business continuity training and exercising on site and at a disaster recovery location. Rob has received strongly positive feedback from the Executive and his work has contributed significantly to the growth of a culture of resilience in the organisation.”Colin Conboy, Health and Safety Manager

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