How ready is ready? Will your plans, processes, technology, procedures and personnel be collectively effective? Collective organisational biases and individual unconscious motivations can often cloud your capability to objectively review, assess, challenge and evaluate your project, capability or specific plan.

Involving operational readiness and project management support at the outset of your project will ensure that risks are identified early on, that testing and operational learning strands are effective and that your integration with internal and external stakeholders is confirmed embedded.

From seminar sessions, readiness and project activity and exercises through to ISO 22301 Lead Auditor review, we match activities to your Board’s risk appetite, the maturity of your arrangements, delivery plan and personnel as well as your budget.

Our trained and experienced Auditors have worked with a variety of public and private organisations, ranging in size and scale from medium sized international corporations through to UK based SMEs to provide internal audit functions including:

  • conducting objective reviews and producing reports and recommendations for a Client’s enterprise level corporate functions (for example: risk management, business continuity, quality management and other ISO standard audits)
  • providing an enduring independent internal audit capability to support Board level assurance that a Client’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively