As RWCSL has grown in our first seven years we have built an extensive network of trusted suppliers and specialists. People buy people in our experience so we only work with partners who share our values and are nice to do business with.

We work with

We have used numerous emergency notification, incident management and plan storage platforms over the years. In fact, it was our Founder’s first job in Emergency Planning back in 2005 to establish an online incident management platform and alert package for his then employer after the 7th July Bombings. We know what good and bad platforms look like and have partnered with Crises Control specifically because they provide a highly capable and proven tool to alert and manage notifications during an incident. Their App and web based portal have the flexibility to tailor pre-defined incidents to specific specialisms and with intuitive features that keep the training burden to a minimum.

Crises Control is an award winning mass communication easy-to-use and customizable crisis response solution that delivers business continuity management (BCM) plans rapidly across a variety of devices and fits any organisation’s budget without compromising quality. It helps business continuity professionals to be prepared for any business disruption when it happens. It is a secure way of sending the right information to the right people in a crisis situation and tracking who is engaged. It makes business disaster simulation exercises easy and simple to execute and builds a responsive team that is always prepared.

Contact us for more information on the platform and for us to gather some information on how you respond today which will inform a live demonstration from the comfort of your office.