Our experienced trainers comprise Strategic Associates and Associates in a variety of sectors and tailor packages to a needs analysis of your audience, using tried and tested techniques that engage and encourage key personnel to develop their BCM and crisis management capability. Our training is reviewed by the CPD Service and our trainers have qualifications including AET (formerly PTTLS), BCI Accredited trainers and subject matter experts in niche business continuity, crisis and emergency management disciplines.

For a tailored proposal detailing training areas please contact us.

We take an informed and bespoke approach to training design, production and delivery including:

  • a thorough training needs analysis (TNA) of the audience, their current level of competence and the the knowledge, skills and judgement required for their role
  • conformance with a Systems Approach to Training (SAT)
    Systems Approach to Training (SAT)
    J. Patrick, Training Research and Practice (pp. 109-130). London: Academic Press
  • Alignment to Kirkpatrick levels of feedback; our minimum standard is level 2 and we usually aim toward level 3 whereby we measure trainee changes in behaviour over time following training 
    Kirkpatrick training evaluation
    Kirkpatrick Partners, www.kirkpatrickpartners.com
  • Alignment to CPD Service standards (all our courses are reviewed ahead of delivery). You can be assured that our training includes clear subject matter, objectives and a defined audience with content relevant to their further learning requirements and using materials that are relevant to the participation and experiential learning journey of trainees. Training includes mechanisms for further study, learning activities and professional development.