As 2017 draws to a close and we prepare to celebrate our 7th birthday as a company, we’re reflecting on lessons and successes from 2017 and planning for a busy 2018.
It has been a rewarding year for RW Consulting Solutions/Controlled Events and while are too many clients and team members to thank here, we’re grateful for the huge amount of joint effort it takes to get a resilience project delivered – often in circumstances where the activity is a reaction to a disruption or the organisation lacks capacity or expertise to deliver in house. Similarly, most of our events have had their fair share of challenges – ranging from power and technical failures, security incidents, fires, casualties and crowd issues.
From the Queen’s New Year Honour list to reflections on a bumper year here is our low down on the year that was 2017.

Statistically strong

2017 has been the year of variety and surprises with projects becoming ever more varied and clients seeking more specialist in depth resilience and event services. Highlights have included:

Resilience consultancy and training for 25 Clients spanning housing, fire and rescue, major events, government, automotive, visitor attractions, construction, Logistics and telecoms organisations

15 Table-Top Exercises, 2 Live Exercises and various other readiness activities, using our subject matter expertise to advise and our secure log to inject and evaluate activity

Event Control, wide area radio and staff for HSBC City Ride across 14 Cities in England, Scotland and Wales and for the Cancer Research Oxford Cambridge Boat Races

• Double trouble in Southport for their major annual Air Show and National Fireworks Championships with wide area radio, event control and management.

London Stadium events spanning football, concerts and London 2017 Para-Athletics & Athletics

Radio accessories, exercises, Event, Command, Control, Coordination (C3) and evacuation planning for the America’s’ Cup World Series and 35th America’s Cup

New Software products including major upgrades to our log and alert platform which is now not only intuitive and ready to deploy at short notice but is mobile friendly and with forms customised per project

Expanded the team with a fantastic placement (Lyndsey Orton) during 2017 and Operations Manager (Katie Ruff) since November not to mention a great team of Associates

Deepened our supplier support with Primetech Wi-Fi, Zycomm radio,  Salon Pro Sales hardware, Juma Communications radio accessories.

Online coverage -

We’ve had some good online coverage with the overriding theme being promoting solid command/control/coordination planning, robust and resilient communications and resilience good practice. Here are some articles from the year that was 2017:

The Cancer Research Oxford Cambridge Boat Race (p11-17)
35th America’s Cup Event Control
Advising Square Meal’s industry contacts on security and event emergency procedures
Our work with key suppliers (and friends) at Primetech


Next week marks our 7th Birthday as a business and I am proud to have some of our original clients as ongoing projects. We had an award winning start to 2017 when we were recognised for our Event Control innovations by the National Outdoor Events Association. I’m honoured to have been recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honours List for our extensive work as a small part of the overall America’s Cup Bermuda Delivery Authority team on the 35th America’s Cup with Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour. This was certainly our largest and longest duration event having been involved in the Command and Control planning, readiness and event Control management on every World Series Event since 2015 (Portsmouth x 2, New York, Chicago, New York, Toulon) and over six months of planning and two months of readiness and delivery on site in 2017. This has been the icing on the cake after a long year but we were certainly only a cog in a much bigger Bermuda and America’s Cup joint team.

We have plenty of lessons identified this year which we will incorporate on 8 resilience projects and 38 events already confirmed for 2018. Our themes for 2018 will include widening our CPD training offering, service  improvements and data management as we entrench the good practice and learn from experience. In January alone we are delivering Exercise debriefs, Business Continuity & Incident training, three events, Airwave training, Resilience consultancy, incident and event planning – off the blocks on 8th January after a well deserved few days off in the sun!