Sometimes painful

As 2018 draws to a close and we prepare to celebrate our 8th birthday as a company, we’re reflecting on lessons and successes from 2018 and planning for a busy 2019.

We had some resilience tests in the first quarter with some bankruptcies and supply chain issues keeping us on our toes – nothing like needing to practice what you preach to keep organisational resilience at the forefront of our thinking!

It’s been a rewarding year for RW Consulting Solutions/Controlled Events, more on the major projects and events side than Awards this past year with radio and event control kit now in place across 2 continents for forthcoming events and two major three year programmes of work underway.

A major personal achievement has been embedding a really strong core team led by Katie Ruff (Operations Manager) and Robyn Berry (Project Manager) to bring new ideas, passion and extra horsepower to long term and one off projects. Coming up to 8 years in, we have strong company structures, tested resilience arrangements, on call arrangements, support and supply chain arrangements which help me to focus on what should always be my priority – family time – with an unprecedented 15 days with family this Christmas with far less workload than in previous years. I’m not one for overstating our successes and there’s no one more critical of areas we can improve (believe it or not from Linkedin traffic) – finally getting some proper family time has been a crowning achievement for 2018 in itself.

While there are too many clients and contractors and team members to thank here (and some who value a bit of privacy from the glare of Linkedin), we’re grateful for the huge amount of joint effort it takes to get a resilience project or event delivered. Client and supplier retention are a really strong feature of our work – we love taking on new projects but there’s nothing like growing our support and capability with a project or event each year.

Most of our events have had their fair share of challenges – ranging from power and technical failures, security incidents, fires, air accidents, casualties and crowd issues; our integrity and resilience means we can maintain support and readiness when the client call is least expected.

Statistically strong


2018 has been the year of variety and surprises with projects becoming ever more varied and clients seeking more specialist in depth resilience and event services. Highlights have included:

Resilience consultancy and training for 40 Clients including a major surge in support to the housing sector in support of the Housing Quality Network, fire and rescue, government, visitor attractions, construction, logistics and telecoms organisations.

Strengthening our individual event support to mass participation events (running and cycling), 17 green field event festivals, 5 fireworks events, 2 sailing and rowing events often with several per weekend.

Delivering a greater amount of Operational Readiness Activity with greater emphasis on immersive simulations to differentiate learning from the less contextualised packages available elsewhere. Our web based log provides an accurate audit trail in the exercise player and evaluation environment with Team XP as our new pseudo media platform and partnership with Capital B Media which has greatly enriched the phone, email, social/online media and interview capability for each Exercise.

Event Control, wide area radio and staff in our second year of support to Alitus Sports for HSBC City Ride across 14 Cities in England, Scotland and Wales with support from Zycomm engineers, sales and hire equipment including new miniature portable repeater, recording and antennae equipment for rapid deployment on city centre roof top sites.

• Hot weather and football on the big screen in Southport for their major annual Air Show, closely followed by a blustery Autumnal National Fireworks Championships with wide area radio, event control and management.

London Stadium events spanning football and concerts on over 35 event days with support across control rooms.

Radio accessories, exercises, Event, Command, Control, Coordination (C3) and incident planning for a forthcoming international sailing series.

New Software products including major upgrades to our log in its on line, local and off line modes with a range of permanent deployments to cities, venues and event series.



Next week marks our 8th Birthday as a business and I am proud to have some of our original clients as ongoing projects. We have plenty of lessons identified this year which we will incorporate on 8 resilience projects and over 50 events already confirmed for 2019. Our themes for 2019 will include deepening our CPD training offering, refining our Motorola Airwave Train the Trainer package as we see Airwave Sharers (new and current) extending their mission critical voice services on new handsets.

Building upon our 2018 business and supply chain development, we will now be deepening our support with the Housing Quality Network, embedding our enduring UK radio engineering and hire capability from Zycomm, embedding support from Attend2IT who now support our 24/7 call handling capability, all our Wi-Fi deployments and engineering support ranging from conferences to green field events, Salon Pro Sales hardware powering our event control capability, Juma Communications accessories on our vehicle and personal radio deployments and Logic Wireless radio engineering capability. We’ll be integrating incident management and alerting capabilities for resilience projects with Crises Control’s capability and support too.

Off the blocks on 7th January after a well deserved Christmas lull we are kicking off the year with a three phase immersive training Exercise, multi-agency Event Table Top Exercise, multi-level command Exercise in the housing sector, infrastructure/construction sector training and consultancy programmes commencing… all in the first fortnight.

🍾 Cheers to that!🍾

Rob Walley, Managing Director, RWCSL and Founder, Controlled Events